Westfield Memorial Pool Complex

Project Type: Splash Pad

Location: Westfield, New Jersey

“Our community loves Life Floor. Everyone who visits the splash pad says it feels comfortable and looks beautiful. It is the best surfacing we’ve ever had.”

Westfield Memorial Pool

In 2014, Westfield, New Jersey brought our team an exciting challenge: They wanted us to upgrade the splash pad at their Memorial Pool Complex, but they also wanted to preserve the existing floor design, which had been designed and chosen by members of the community. Life Floor was able to replicate the existing design with a mixture of our custom colors, using our most slip-resistant texture, Ripple, creating a beautiful, safer splash pad even the smallest members of the community love. This install existed between May 2014 - May 2019. In May 2019 the facility received an update to its preexisting Life Floor.


Project Highlights

Facility: Westfield Memorial Pool Complex
Location: Westfield, New Jersey
Install Date: May 2014
Designers: Westfield Community
Square Footage: 3,000 sq ft
Colors: Bluebird, Terra Cotta, Sandstone, River Rock
Texture: Ripple Classic
Installer: New Look, Inc.


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