Bamboo Bay

Project Type: Pool Deck

Location: Shoreview, Minnesota

“Once we compared how well Life Floor worked, it was a big no-brainer. Especially with the locker rooms—we originally had epoxy, and as soon as we were done with the floors, we knew we should have put Life Floor in there.”

Diana Buck, Aquatic Manager

The city of Shoreview renovated the existing Indoor Tropics Waterpark pool deck in late 2018. They chose Life Floor in sandy shades and a natural Slate texture to reflect the tropical beachside theme of the park. Guests and staff immediately recognized the additional comfort and safety Life Floor provided, especially compared to the newly refinished epoxy floor in the locker rooms.

With Life Floor performing so well on the pool deck to reduce injuries and please guests, the city moved forward with the decision to add Life Floor to the locker rooms as soon as possible. “Adding Life Floor to the locker rooms was something a lot of people noticed right away: ‘Oh great, you got rid of the slippery floor!’” Buck noted once Life Floor had been installed.

The build-out for Bamboo Bay, the multi-level spray structure expansion, was completed a few months after in early 2019. The city again chose Life Floor to cover the entire surrounding deck of the structure and the nearby locker rooms. In a recent interview, Buck expressed that she couldn’t be more thrilled with Life Floor as a solution to safer walkways and more comfortable standing areas for kids and her staff.

Project Highlights

Facility: Tropics Indoor Waterpark
Location: Shoreview, Minnesota
Install Date: May 2018
Designers: The Life Floor Studio, BWBR Architects
Square Footage: 12,000 sq ft
Colors: Mojave, Tiki, Sepia, Kestrel
Texture: Ripple 2.0 for Kestrel, Slate for Mojave, Tiki, and Sepia
Installer: New Look, Inc.


“It’s definitely a safer product and very obviously reduces slip and falls. It’s very nice for the employees too because it helps reduce the aches and pains from standing. We get a lot of comments from our members who have been here since the building opened. They’re the people who say, ‘It’s the best thing ever!’ and ‘Thanks for doing this!'“ - Diana Buck, Aquatic Manager

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