World-Wide Installation Experts

As part of our promise to deliver a premium product and customer experience, we’ve built a network of certified installation partners to serve our customers all around the world. Proper installation is essential to delivering our full surfacing solution and we’ve selected world-class installation experts to do just that. Our installation partners have been trained from site assessment to final installation inspection to provide our customers with accuracy and excellence in every step of the process.

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North America

Inside Edge Safety Surfaces, North America’s leading commercial flooring installation experts, provide an all-inclusive installation service for Life Floor customers with premier warranty coverage. Our customers receive an elevated level of project management services, including access to Inside Edge’s proprietary technology. Inside Edge’s project management services include, but are not limited to: site visits, estimating and budgeting, customized installation plans, materials and logistic management, standardized performance through installer certification, real-time communication and quality assurance, and post installation services to ensure proper care and maintenance of the final installed solution. Learn more about Inside Edge Safety Surfaces here >>

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Middle East

Raymond Sport specializes in sports and leisure applications throughout the Middle East and is the proud Authorized Representative and Certified Installation partner of Life Floor throughout the region. For the last 20 years they have contributed massively to the development of Dubai, and across the entire Middle East, and are bringing their expertise and professionalism to Life Floor applications: no matter how complex. Lijo Jose will be able to work with you throughout the sales process, for a custom floor that will wow every time.



Life Floor Australia is the exclusive distributor of Life Floor across Australia and New Zealand and they, along with their network of partners, provide flexible, and professional installation services across both countries. Grant Burgess and his team have decades of experience in supporting the needs of their clients. and will work with your facility to find the installation solution that is right for you.


Southeast Asia

We’re growing a certified team of installers throughout Asia to help service the rapidly growing waterpark industry across the continent. Our authorized Representative, Hansoo Lee will work with you to find the best installation team for your application, location, and specific scope of work for a long-lasting, professional, and beautiful installation.

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Our European Agent, Dave Dury with Createscape, provides leading installation support across Europe. Dave will work with you to assess the total Life Floor solution for your facility by working with local installation teams and collaborating with the USA Life Floor team.


Installation FAQs

What type of adhesive should be used?

A commercial grade contact cement is the best option for most applications. We have a network of distributors of this adhesive and can connect you with one or more distributors based on the project location. In low-traffic applications or as a fallback, you can use DAP contact cement from home improvement retailers.

Can you install Life Floor over compacted aggregate sub-base?

No. Appropriate substrates include concrete, new wood, plastic, metal, and fiberglass. Essentially, Life Floor requires a substrate that is: dry, well-intact (not crumbling, rotting, or coming up), and cleaned of debris, dirt, oils, waxes, and sealers. If these conditions are met, then Life Floor can be installed.

How is the contact cement applied?

The contact cement is painted on with a paint brush or paint roller to both the sub-base material and the back of the tile, allowed to cure for 10-15 minutes depending on the environmental conditions (warmer temperatures will require less time), then the tile is placed. This offers a secure bond. If the tile fails to adhere, the installer will know immediately and will need to wait a bit longer for the adhesive to cure before the tile is placed. Read the label on the contact cement for additional instructions.

How is design work done?

Designs can be watercut from a CAD or vector drawing and prefabricated for quick and easy installation. Inlaid designs can also be cut and installed on site. Generally, the installation crew cuts out the desired shapes and then inlays the void with a contrasting color. We require certified installers to perform inlaid design work. For repetitive designs (footprints, paw prints, logos), inlay shapes can also be created.

Can Life Floor be installed underwater?

Yes, Life Floor can be installed underwater and remain underwater for many years without replacement. Tiles are installed while the pool is completely empty, clean, and dry using a synthetic rubber, waterproof contact cement that can withstand underwater environments.

Can you install Life Floor over Poured-in-Place rubber?

It depends on the current condition of the Poured-in-Place (PIP). Tiles can adhere to rubber, but if the PIP is coming apart, our tiles will not have a solid enough substrate to adhere to. The longevity of the Life Floor install would be directly linked to how the PIP performs over time. Life Floor would provide a sealant for the PIP, but if the PIP starts breaking down over time, then Life Floor tiles will also become loose.

Are there multiple ways to handle drains?

For existing round drains, a removable cover is developed on site to provide a consistent look. The alternative is to leave the current drains exposed. For 3/8” tile against a square or linear drain, transition edges will be necessary to slope the edge toward the drain. For 3/16” tile, transition edges are not required since there will not be a trip hazard.