Customer Testimonials

Life Floor is trusted by aquatics professionals all over the world. With industry-leading slip-resistance, cushioning, cleanability, and design options, it’s a tile that makes a lasting and positive impact.


It’s been amazing. You can see that guest appreciate it when you see them staying inside the play area for prolonged periods of time, especially when they are sitting in the pool and playing with their kids. The “softness” of the flooring is very inviting and has really allowed families to stay together and enjoy the entire area as one. Kids can run through the area without worry of slipping and tripping and really be more interactive with all the elements and each other.”

Aquaventures Waterpark, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai


"We have been overly pleased with Life Floor. It was the perfect flooring solution for our wet areas." 

 Six Flags White Water, Marietta, GA

Six Flags logo.png

“From a guest’s use standpoint, people really like the way it looks, and the way it feels. We cater especially to families with young children and the flooring is very beneficial to the young ones who crawl on it. It’s a state of the art flooring system that exceeds guests’ expectations in terms of look, feel and fun.”

Lake George RV Park, Lake George, NY


“It has preformed great. It solved a great problem we were having with kids slipping and we haven’t had issues since.”

Rainbow Falls Waterpark, Village of Elk Grove, IL


"Our community loves Life Floor. Everyone who visits the splash pad says it feels comfortable and looks beautiful. It is the best surfacing we have ever had." 

Westfield Memorial Pool, Westfield, NJ


Life Floor makes all the difference in the world in terms of aesthetics compared to just raw concrete. And now we don’t have kids peeling up little beads from pour-in-place. Before, we had trouble with people falling on concrete getting bad road rashes, but as soon as we put Life Floor down, it cut that all out. We went from experiencing 2-3 road rashes a day. Now we have none. It’s been great.”

Lion Country and Safari, Loxahatchee, FL

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We definitely noticed a major decrease in our reports: we hardly have any slip and falls on the flooring or reports of icepack usage. All of that drastically went down. Everyone here from the guests to the desk staff have been singing its praises.”

Shoreview Community Center Shoreview, MN

Shoreview Community Center.jpg

People haven’t been burning their feet on Life Floor. We get a lot of intense heat, so we used to get a lot of burns. People love how comfortable the floor is to walk on.”

Cape Splash Family Aquatic Center Cape Girardeau, MO