Our International Team


Our international network of sales managers and agents deliver Life Floor projects all over the world. If you are considering Life Floor outside of the United States, please contact the representatives below who service your area of the world. If you are unsure about who to contact, feel free to contact us at solutions@lifefloor.com and we’ll put you in touch with the best representative.


Middle East

Lijo Jose, Middle East Sales Manager
Tel: +971 54 321 4375
Email: lijo.jose@lifefloor.ae

United Arab Emirates
Raymond Sport
Exclusive Supplier and Installer of Life Floor in UAE
+971 4 339 1331

Web: http://www.raymondsport.com/en/life-floor/


Australia + New Zealand

Grant Burgess, Sales Manager
Life Floor Australia + New Zealand
Tel: +61 1300 721 135
Email: grant.burgess@lifefloor.com.au
Web: www.lifefloor.com.au


East Asia + Southeast Asia

Hansoo Lee, SE Asia Sales Manager
Tel: +82 10 2220 1507
Email: hansoo.lee@lifefloor.com

Europe map.png


Dave Dury, European Sales Agent
Tel: +44 (0) 7507 564263
Email: david@createscape.eu



Supplier of Life Floor in Canada
Main Contact: Paul-Émile Beaudry
Tel: +1 514 686 9466
Email: pebeaudry@polyvalens.ca
Web: https://polyvalens.ca/produits/life-floor/