Our team believes floors should be beautiful, comfortable, and engineered for safety, even when wet.

Life Floor tiles meet six unique performance based standards: slip-resistance, impact absorption, chemical resistance, UV resistance, cleanability, and impermeability.

What makes Life Floor so extraordinary?

 Amazing Slip-Resistance

Slip-and-fall injuries are a challenge for anyone around water. That's why Life Floor tiles feature incredible traction. They're slip-resistant without being abrasive, and soft for bare feet. Unlike coatings and sealants that need to be periodically reapplied, Life Floor's traction will last the entire life of the tile. 

With a static coefficient of .92, Life Floor is significantly more slip-resistant than broomed concrete. Even at a 35 degree angle, our testers are still sure-footed on Life Floor.


 Comfortable Impact Attenuation

Our 3/8” tile has a critical fall height of 1-0”, but most eggs won’t break when dropped from 3 ft above. Seriously. Request a sample and try it.

Most importantly, Life Floor tiles are comfortable for bare feet, elbows, hands, and knees. Our tiles are used in areas where kids play and adults relax, which is why we’ve designed our surfacing solution to be soft and temperature stable.


Incredible Durability

Life Floor is made from a closed-cell foam, which means it will never absorb liquids, harbor bacteria, or support microbial growth. (It literally can’t!) In fact, our tiles experience a 99.9% reduction of bacteria after being sanitized, including the joint areas between tiles.

Life Floor also remains slip-resistant and impact attenuating after undergoing exposure to high chemical shock periods and UV light exposure without showing signs of erosion.

Unlike ceramic or painted depth markers, our tiles retain color contrast and visual clarity after chemical and UV exposure. This means that our flooring solution lasts after years of exposure to common aquatic elements like the sun and treated water. Just ask our customers in Dubai.   

Engineered + Manufactured in the USA

As a design-focused product, our team of flooring experts and designers will work with you to ensure your floor is manufactured on time to meet installation schedules. By moving manufacturing from overseas, we’ve brought our standard lead time down from 3 months to 4-6 weeks.

Making a Big Impact on Aquatics and Less on the Environment 
By manufacturing Life Floor in the US, we eliminate the environmental waste associated with transporting commercial goods over roads, rail, and oceans. Our US manufacturing line also has the ability to recycle our manufacturing waste.

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