Our team believes floors should be beautiful, comfortable, and engineered for safety, even when wet.

Our tiles are cushioned to make life more comfortable. Whether you're walking, running, and jumping or sitting, reading, and relaxing. Even if you're standing on a pool deck, coaching for hours at a time.

What makes Life Floor so extraordinary?

 Amazing Slip-Resistance

Slip-and-fall injuries are a challenge for anyone around water. That's why Life Floor tiles feature incredible traction. They're slip-resistant without being abrasive, and soft for bare feet. Unlike coatings and sealants that need to be periodically reapplied, Life Floor's traction will last the entire life of the tile. 

With a static coefficient of .92, Life Floor is significantly more slip-resistant than broomed concrete. Even at a 35 degree angle, our testers are still sure-footed on Life Floor.


 Impact Attenuation

Our 3/8” tile has a critical fall height of 1 ft, but most eggs won’t break when dropped from 3 ft above.



Request a sample and try it.

Life Floor tiles are the same material from top to bottom which does not absorb water or harbor microbial growth. As tiles age, or get damaged, they stay a single tile so you never need to clean particles out of your filters or skim them from the top of the pool.


Eliminating Hot Surfaces

Life Floor has installations across the United States and internationally that have withstood temperatures from -40°F to 120°F. We suggest lighter colors for tiles direct sunlight without water, as they, like concrete, can get warm.

Unlike concrete, they will cool off quickly underfoot when standing in the same place. In areas that are consistently wet (spray grounds, zero-depth entries), the tiles stay relatively cool.

It’s Made in the USA

Why bring manufacturing back to the US?

As a design-focused product, we want to keep up with our customers' need for custom designs and fast-turn around times. We cut the standard lead time of overseas production from 3 months down to just 4-6 weeks, while keeping flexibility to create exactly what our clients were looking for by switching to a Just-In-Time or “lean manufacturing” process. While lean manufacturing can be accomplished overseas, Life Floor discovered that most flexible method of providing quick service to our domestic and international partners was to start a lean manufacturing line in the United States and eliminate the time, expense, and environmental impact of making and shipping our product across an ocean. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.53.06 AM.png

Why South Dakota?

We needed a partner that could get up to speed quickly, bring expertise on how to streamline the manufacturing process, and most of all, was truly excited about our product. Madison, South Dakota fit all these requirements and more. Falcon Plastics, the facility that houses our new lines, has been a huge asset as we fine tune operations. 

What is lean manufacturing? 

Lean manufacturing focuses on eliminating wastes and inefficiencies. By manufacturing Life Floor in the US, we eliminate the environmental waste associated with transporting commercial goods over roads, rail, or the oceans. By moving our product from the factory directly to the customer, we eliminate the need for space to store inventory.

Lean manufacturing also eliminates wasted time and money. Customers spend less time waiting for our product, we tie up less money in inventory that could otherwise be used for working capital, and both parties spend less money on transportation and storage costs.


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