Aquaventure Waterpark | Atlantis The Palm

Project Type: Splash Pad

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hands down, one of the best products you can use to allow ‘kids to be kids.’”

Olivia Wyrick, Director of Aquaventure Operations

Atlantis was drawn to Life Floor when our studio produced a one-of-a-kind surface design using triangles and gradient colors to create a shoreline effect. Life Floor’s incredible durability in terms of UV stability, chemical resistance, and impermeability met the demands of the extreme Dubai climate. In the end, Atlantis’ leadership in luxury and fun was a perfect match for Life Floor’s own position as the new international standard in safety and design. Working with our partner in the UAE, Raymond Sport, Life Floor was able to create another world-class experience for Atlantis’ guests.

Project Highlights

Facility: Splasher’s Kids Play Area, Aquaventure Waterpark
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Install Date:
April 2018
Kelsi Goss, Life Floor Studio Designer
Square Footage:
12,000 sq ft
Ocean, Bluebird, Iceberg, Ivory, Sandbar, Gobi, Mojave
Accents: Platypus, Goldfish
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Raymond Sport, LLC

“The Atlantis project provided us with a great opportunity to create a large gradient effect given its size. Adhering to the theme, we created a design that resembled the beach using a combination of squares, triangles, and custom design inlays. We used the depth of the water in this kids play area to determine where to place the ‘sand’ and the ‘water’ in the design.” - Kelsi Goss, Studio Director


About Aquaventure Water Park

Dubai is like no place on earth, and the Atlantis The Palm is like no place in Dubai. Rising out of the Persian Gulf, the Atlantis resort stands on the furthermost point of the Palm, its east and west towers framing the beautiful central arch, a gateway not only to luxury and opulence, but family fun, adventure, and discovery.

In the United Arab Emirates, visiting a water park is seen as much as a cultural experience as a recreational one. The design of the new Splasher’s Kids Play Area reflects this. The entirely-submerged splash pad was created for maximum entertainment, yet at no point does Aquaventure let you forget-- you’re in a waterpark at one of the world’s leading resorts.

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