The Grove Cove

Project Type: Pool Deck

Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota

“We used to use a lot of ice packs, and we don’t need to do that anymore.
When a kid falls, they pop up and keep going. You’re keeping people safe
in the pool and we really honestly love the floor.”

Lisa Gedker, Aquatic Supervisor

Life Floor’s relationship with Maple Grove, Minnesota runs deep. One of our company’s earliest customers, they were among the first to adopt a prototype of the product in their community’s aquatic center. In 2017, they approached Life Floor about upgrading their old floor with a new deck, one that took advantage of everything we’ve learned about safety and design since our founding. The result is a Life Floor installation that ranks among our favorites anywhere. Utilizing Ripple 2.0, a multi-colored design approach, and fun, inlaid maple leaves, Maple Grove is the perfect example of how simple, effective design choices can elevate any public aquatic space to a truly world-class facility.


Project Highlights

Facility: Maple Grove Community Center
Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota
Install Date: September 2018
Designers: The Life Floor Studio
Square Footage: 6,748 sq ft
Heron and Kestrel with Lilypad, Sunshine, and Ocean inlays
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Star Floors

“Maple Grove really thought through the kind of design they wanted, which is always a good thing for us. They wanted lighter colors in low-traffic areas, and darker colors where there was higher traffic, and they wanted something that looked great without breaking the bank. Our solution was to create a Heron floor and break it up with Kestrel triangles. Then we added two extra elements. First, we used their maple leaf logo as a motif throughout the deck, appearing in lighter or darker colors depending on traffic. Second, we added a color burst on the central peninsula, to tie the room together. For the Life Floor Studio, this deck is a sort of proof of concept for how we’d like to approach municipal pools going forward. We created this design using only three repeating shapes — squares, triangles, and maple leafs — and we did it within a sensible budget.” - Sean Rubin, Chief Creative Officer

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