The Beach Jumeirah

Project Type: Splash Pad

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located between the panoramic backdrop of the Dubai skyline and the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, The Beach splash pad delights families residing in the luxurious Jumeirah residential area. To pay homage to the adjacent beach, the Life Floor studio combined a gradient shoreline effect with ocean-life inlays. UV stable colors remain vibrant under the intense Dubai sun with the help of shaded structures. With constant pedestrian traffic from nearby shops and coffee houses, the splash pad continues to be a focal attraction for cooling off and enjoying mid-day splashes.     


Project Highlights

Partners: Raymond Sport, LLC., Axendo
JBR, Dubai, UAE
Install Date: March 2018
Designers: Kelsi Goss, Life Floor Studio Designer
Square Footage: 4,200 sq ft
Colors: Bluebird, Iceberg, Sandstone, Sandbar, Mojave;
various inlays

Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Raymond Sport, LLC.

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