GEMs Wellington International School

Project Type: Pool Deck and Stairs

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

GEMs school is the largest private K-12 organization in the world with just over 40 schools in Dubai alone. With slippery and failing ceramic tiles around their competition pool decks, the school reached out to our UAE partner, Raymond Sport, for a better solution. Raymond Sport together with the Life Floor studio created a modern, staggered design with the school’s logo. With competition pools all over the world retrofitting their facilities to include state of the art amenities, GEMs was extremely pleased with the added safety and design around their pool decks, warm up areas, and ramps.

Project Highlights

Partners: Raymond Sport, LLC.
Facility: GEMs Wellington International School
Location: Dubai, UAE
Install Date: August 2018
Designers: Life Floor Studio
Square Footage: 14,500 sq ft
Colors: Bluebird, Boulevard, Foghorn
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Raymond Sport, LLC.


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