Carnival Imagination

Project Type: Cruise Ship

Location: Carnival Imagination Cruise Ship

“Safety and brand are both important to Carnival, and Life Floor understands this completely. Not only does rolling out Life Floor across multiple ships provide the consistency expected from Carnival, but the tiles improve the safety, image and guest experience of every area where they’re installed.”

Dominic Chancellor, Brand Manager for Outdoor Decks

In 2016, Carnival Imagination left dry dock featuring exciting new upgrades, including Life Floor decks for her WaterWorks waterpark and resort-style pool. The playful deck design in concentric circles of varying blues (hardly competition for the glittering sea view onboard) was just what Carnival required to compliment the waterpark’s colorful slides and structures. Along with Life Floor, the WaterWorks onboard Carnival Imagination includes a 300’ long spiraling Twister Waterslide, two 82’ long double-lane racing water slides, a splash area with a number of fun water spray features, and even Mini Racer Slides for the little ones on deck. With Life Floor onboard, cruisers experience some of the safest fun at sea.


Project Highlights

Ship: Carnival Imagination
Cruiseline: Carnival
Install Date: September 2016
Designers: Life Floor Studio
Square Footage: 5,500 sq ft
Colors: Bluebird, Kingfisher, Iceberg
Texture: Ripple Classic
Installer: New Look, Inc.


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