We're Buffaloed by Bison!


This week, we were excited to hear that President Obama signed the Bison Legacy Act, making the bison our official, national mammal!

The great American bison holds a special place in our hearts here at Life Floor. While we don't do a whole lot of external branding around the bison (yet- we actually had plans to ramp it up even before the announcement... honest), internally, the bison has become a sort of unofficial mascot for our American manufacturing initiative. At least that's where it started. We also use a bison emoji on our slack channel--it's our team's version of the high-five--and our Director of National Accounts, Brian Howell, is known to collect and distribute bison paraphernalia at will. 


Bison are an important symbol of the American West--that's a huge part of why they've been declared the national mammal, after all--and they're an especially important symbol in South Dakota, where our manufacturing line is located at Falcon Plastics.

And just like the American Bison are returning to their prairie home, American manufacturing is making a comeback.  We think the future is bright for both endeavors, and so we're excited to congratulate the bison, find some high ground (good luck with that in eastern South Dakota) and say, "CHARGE!"