The Rotary Splash Pad

Rotary Splash Pad at Heritage Park

Location: Clarksville, TN

Features: Water Odyssey

Partners: Playcore, Great Southern Recreation, New Look, Given by Sunset Rotary Club

Surface Design: Kelsi Goss

We're incredibly pleased to unveil our first Rotary International-sponsored splash pad, and our first major water-jet cut splash pad. To execute this complex design, based on the logo for Rotary International, we brought in LA-based designer and friend-of-the-company Kelsi Goss, who approached the project as a kind of puzzle. The challenge was to create the logo using as few actual tiles as possible, to control costs for both cutting and materials. 


This rendering, completed in CAD, was then sent to a water-jet cutter, who was able to cut each piece according to precise dimensions.

As this was our first time doing a water-jet cut this complex, our team actually assembled the design in the office before sending it to the customer!

Life Floor was chosen for this splash pad for safety, design, and durability. While Great Southern Recreation encouraged the customers to consider a safety surface from the start, Rotary also wanted to include their logo in the splash pad, and they knew that paint applied to any surface was likely to wear away. With Life Floor, not only will this attraction be much safer than conventional splash pads, the design will also last for years.

Opening just in time for Memorial Day weekend, this is actually Clarksville's second Life Floor installation, following a splash pad at Edith Pettus Park. Enjoy, Clarksville!