Custom Design

Designing A Memorable Family Vacation: Lake George RV Park

Up in the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George RV Park creates a vacation experience for the entire family, with 120-acres for campers to enjoy. Last summer, the park expanded their offerings with Cascade Cove: an outdoor pool complex designed by Aquatic Design & Engineering. Cascade Cove features a resort pool, spa pool, and a unique lily pad splash park and play structure.

The Rotary Splash Pad

Life Floor was chosen for this splash pad for safety, design, and durability. While Great Southern Recreation encouraged the customers to consider a safety surface from the start, Rotary also wanted to include their logo in the splash pad, and they knew that paint applied to any surface was likely to wear away. With Life Floor, not only will this attraction be much safer than conventional splash pads, the design will also last for years.

Westfield Splash Pad

In the early months of 2014, the Town of Westfield asked MRC Rec and Life Floor to help them with an exciting challenge. They wanted to upgrade the splash pad at their Memorial Pool Complex, but they also wanted to preserve the existing floor design, which had been designed and chosen by members of the community.