Small updates, BIG impact! Your pre-season checklist starts here

1. Add comfortable seating and options for shade

Update your water park this season with comfortable seating options and additional areas with shade. Investing in comfortable chairs (the verdict is in, guests love lounge chairs that adjust to different reclined positions), and even unique seating options like hammocks, makes an enormous impact on the length and quality of your guests' stay. It is especially important to make seating areas available in both sun and shade, or areas that easily convert from one to the other (think umbrellas). Baraboo Tent & Awning, a company that understands how to integrate shade structures seamlessly into a water park's unique design, is a fantastic resource for available options. 

Giving guests the option of sitting comfortably in the shade or lounging in the sun ensures that your guests will be relaxed and ready to enjoy a full day at your park.

2. Make your slides standout (in a good way!)

Refinishing your slides will tremendously impact your water park's appearance on opening day. Refinished slides look colorful and vibrant, and your water park will look clean and cared for. Refinishing slides also helps them last longer. Check out Safe Slides, one of the best slide refinishers in the industry. They make old slides beautiful and fun again.

3. Update your colors

To make a big change in a short amount of time, repaint the high trafficked areas in your water park. Simply updating the wall color or repainting a fence can make a huge impact that guests will appreciate. Or take a simple paint job one step further: paint murals that add depth and design to empty spaces. Using a product like Matthews Paint, a high-quality line with fun, bright colors that lasts in water park settings, ensures that you won't need to redo this work every year. Taking the time to repaint and update your water park will remind guests that you care about the state of your water park and their experience as a whole.

4. Think about flooring in a new way


Take a look at your current floor; is it cracked, slippery when wet, or hot on guests’ feet? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, make a change! Install Life Floor in your water park. Life Floor is beautiful and designed to be slip-resistant, cooler on guests' feet, and cushioned. Choosing Life Floor lets guests know that you keep their safety and comfort in the forefront of your mind when creating their water park experience.

5. Add lighting that is functional and beautiful

Add new lighting features in and around the pool area to make a big impact in your water park. Lighting can be as elegant as antique street lamps or as playful as colorful, motion-activated bulbs. If your park is open late, invest in lighting that will fully illuminate pool decks and walking areas. We love these energy efficient in-pool lights from Pentair and these landscape lights from Dabmar. Both options will work together to make a statement in your water park. Updating your lighting in any capacity (energy efficiency or stylistically) is a simple way to make a big impact this season.