Manufacturing News Round-Up

Summer is always a busy time for us here at Life Floor, but our announcement in July that we were moving our manufacturing back to the United States made it even more exciting than usual! If you missed the big announcement, you're in luck, as we received some great media coverage that will help you get up to speed.

Life Floor has raised more than $3 million, won the Minnesota Cup General Division in 2012, and installed its product for 10 of the biggest water park companies.
— Minnesota Business Magazine, February 09, 2015
When we looked at the skill of South Dakota’s workers, the decreased environmental impact of no longer having to ship our product across the ocean, and the speed with which consumers can now get Life Floor, it became clear this was the best possible move for us.
— Floor Covering News, July 1, 2015
We determined we could actually work together,’ Ken Hatlewick, manager of the Falcon Plastics plant in Madison, said. ‘We had to open up space for them. We’ve sampled different things, built prototypes, really just walking through the process with them. They’re a great bunch of guys to work with.
— Argus Leader, June 30, 2015
Production at the facility, housed within Falcon Plastics’ Madison, South Dakota location, will shorten lead times, increase Life Floor’s custom flooring options, fuel the company’s move into the residential flooring market, and create new job opportunities.
— Floor Daily, July 1, 2015
Life Floor is outfitting a facility in South Dakota with new equipment that churns out its slip-resistant foam and rubber flooring, used in water parks and fitness centers.
— Finance & Commerce, June 30, 2015
The company picked South Dakota for its U.S. manufacturing operations because they needed a partner who could help them get started quickly and provide expertise on how to streamline the manufacturing process. That’s where Falcon Plastics comes into the picture. Falcon has three molding divisions in South Dakota, and they were interested in helping Life Floor establish manufacturing operations for their innovative resilient flooring products.
— Economic Development Blog, July 2, 2015