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A Year-Round Solution

Finally a flooring solution that won’t cause problems to resurface every few years. Not only is Life Floor beloved by staff and community members alike for its added comfort and safety, it brings communities together with custom designs that create landmark facilities and splash pads. 

Life Floor is the modular, replaceable, slip-resistant and impact cushioned tile that solves the most common complaints from visitors of all ages and abilities. It’s durable enough for public parks and easier to maintain for facility staff. Cities all over the country are choosing Life Floor for easier maintenance, fewer injury reports, and design possibilities that create aquatic spaces unlike anywhere else on the map.

We have had our Life Floor on the pool deck for the past several years, and are very happy with the results. We went from nearly daily slips and falls, to virtually none. Patrons love it, staff love it, and I would do it again in a minute.
— Lisa Gedker, Maple Grove Community Center

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