Westfield Splash Pad

In the early months of 2014, the Town of Westfield asked MRC Rec and Life Floor to help them with an exciting challenge. They wanted to upgrade the splash pad at their Memorial Pool Complex, but they also wanted to preserve the existing floor design, which had been designed and chosen by members of the community.

With the community's playful, colorful design as our guide, our team used tile in Bluebird, Sandstone, Mojave and Terra Cotta colors. Our most slip-resistant tile, 3/8" Ripple, was chosen for its superior cushioning and traction. The splash pad, which includes play features by Water Odyssey, was completed in June 2014 under the management of MRC by their certified and trained installers, who were trained to perform intricate cut and layout installations. 

The splash pad became a safer, more comfortable play area, all while maintaining the beautiful design by the Westfield community. We think that's pretty great! 

The response from the community has been equally exciting. According to Bruce Kauffman, Director of Parks and Recreation, "our community loves Life Floor. Everyone who visits the splash pad says it feels comfortable and looks beautiful; it is the best surfacing we've ever had."

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