The Buying Process

Our team is committed to providing you with a surfacing solution tailored to your facility’s specific needs, delivered on time and on budget. We’ve created a buying process to address every stage of your surfacing project to ensure we craft the best possible experience from discovery to installation.

When you reach out to purchase Life Floor for your pool deck, splash pad, locker room, slide tower, or play structure, you can expect us to handle your project with care and detail.

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In the first stage of our buying process, we gather as much information about your project as possible and help answer any questions you might have about Life Floor.

We’ll ask about your application dimensions, aesthetic, any problems you’re experiencing with your current surface, and your expectations for a new surface.

This stage is aided by current photos of your space and/or a possible site visit. Our team might also ask for any available architectural specs. Photography of the existing surface is especially helpful to create the most accurate installation quote. Once we have gathered all the information above, we can provide you with a preliminary estimate for materials and installation.

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If the preliminary estimate aligns with your budget, a Life Floor Sales Representative will work with you to create a design. This may be as simple as choosing a theme and pattern from our Themes and Patterns pages. This stage could also involve our Studio team to design a custom solution based on your unique needs. 

It’s important to understand that the design stage doesn’t start and end with the color, shape, and texture of your tiles. We’ll also work with you to ensure we meet all your project requirements in terms of timeline, budget, and any specific characteristics of your application.

With these details solidified, your Sales Representative will finalize a materials quote and communicate with our Certified Installers to create an installation quote. At this time, your Sales Representative is also able to estimate a lead time for your materials and finalize delivery instructions.



With the materials quote and installation quotes finalized, you will receive a Client Solutions Document (CSD) to sign. With a signed CSD and paid deposit, we’ll begin manufacturing your Life Floor tiles! 

Our Project Manager will then work with you to ensure your materials are delivered to the right place at the right time, and that you have the information you need to store and protect your tiles before installation begins.

Before installation, our Certified Installers will communicate with you to prepare an installation schedule that aligns with your construction time frame or shut down window. After installation, our installers are trained to walk you through the final site inspection and the cleaning process.

And what about…

Minimum Orders
The minimum order for new production run tiles is 500 sq. ft. The minimum order for replacement tiles is a full box (100 sq. ft. for ⅜” or 200 sq. ft. for 3/16”).

Small Projects
Looking at Life Floor for a DIY project? We have partnered with to provide service for quick-turnaround, small, or residential projects. 

Lead Times
Our lead time is generally 4-6 weeks. If a project requires faster delivery, our inventory supply of limited colors and textures is available upon request.