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Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Life Floor has rapidly grown from an innovative idea into the industry standard for beautiful, comfortable, safer flooring. 

Born In A Blizzard

In 2003, a plastics manufacturer introduced a unique aquatic flooring material to Pete Nasvik, the founder of ThemeScapes, Inc., a company that designed and produced decorative play structures. Under the guidance of Pete’s son-in-law, Jason Bahrke, ThemeScapes began to promote the material as part of its development of aquatic environments in waterparks. 

In early 2011, Jonathan Keller met Pete Nasvik and learned about the tiles. Jonathan saw the potential in creating a standalone company for their manufacture and sale. He put together a launch team that included Jason and two of Jonathan’s business associates and friends. In the course of one Minnesota weekend snowstorm, a business plan was created and Life Floor was born. 

Life Floor Today

While Life Floor got its start in waterparks, our company today serves facilities and end-users in a wide variety of industries, including parks and recreation, fitness centers, swim schools, hotels and resorts, and the DIY home improvement market. Since 2011, we have grown from 13 original locations to hundreds of installations in more than 40 states and multiple countries. Our products help facility owners revolutionize the safety, comfort, and overall look of their environments, with millions of happy feet as the result. 

In 2015, Life Floor opened a domestic manufacturing line in South Dakota, becoming one of the first American company in decades to "on-shore" their foam-rubber manufacturing operation. This move has shortened production and delivery time for domestic customers, improved quality control, and helped us control our costs and pricing. More importantly, each tile that's Made in the USA creates jobs and opportunity here at home. 

The Future

We're not slowing down. Our team is constantly innovating, collaborating, and challenging each other to create new ways to improve our products and better serve our customers, both in the US and internationally. We believe every surface that could have Life Floor should have Life Floor, and we're not stopping until we reach that goal. 


Our Values

If we didn't believe our products made people safer and happier, we wouldn't be in business.

We created Life Floor for a reason, and everyone who has joined the company is here for a reason, too. Our teams unites around these values and promises to live by them throughout our work.



We are committed to radical innovation, which is driven by the needs of our customers and end users.

If there is a new and better way to achieve our goals, we want to find it.


We believe doing the right thing is always the best decision.

If we believe we can do something, we do it. If we do not achieve our expected results, we do our best to make things right. 


We are committed to excellence in all that we do. 

We are always open to suggestions and constructive feedback. If there is a way we can be great instead of just good, we want to know.


We aspire to be fun and inviting. We do our best to maintain a positive attitude, and we assume positive motives, positive methods, and positive results.


Whether within our own team or with our partners, we make things better by working together. 

We strongly believe in the power of teamwork, and we ask for help when we need it. 


We exist to serve our customers, employees, investors, vendors, and end-users. We are committed to manufacturing and marketing a product that makes their lives better. 

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Our Team

For most people, flooring is an afterthought. For the Life Floor staff, flooring is a passion. Meet our founders.

Jonathan Keller

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Jonathan has overseen growth from a basement planning session to a company with millions of happy end-users.  Jonathan studied economics at Princeton University and worked at McKinsey & Company, consulting and problem solving for various Fortune 500 insurance, retail, and automotive companies, as well as for government and non-profit clients. Jonathan lives with his wife and two children in Minneapolis. He enjoys running marathons, riding water slides, and accruing frequent flyer miles.   

Spencer Howell

Chief Financial Officer + VP Operations

Spencer has been integral to Life Floor from the start: the company was founded in his basement. Spencer studied Business/Economics and Spanish at Wheaton College before working in finance at Donaldson Company, Inc. At Life Floor, Spencer is responsible for overseeing much of the company's daily operations. A Minnesota native, Spencer lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter. When not at Life Floor, Spencer is involved with the youth group and finance committee at his church, and enjoys playing strategy games with his family and friends. 

L. Jason Bahrke

Chief Technical Officer

Jason was present at the invention of Life Floor tile in 2003. (When you meet him, ask him to tell you the story about the egg.) He currently heads up both R&D and manufacturing for our products. Jason has his roots in aviation, where he was a licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic and senior crew chief. He also worked for Themescapes, Inc. before joining Life Floor. Jason lives in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, with his wife, their daughter, and two sons. Jason is active in his community as a coach for youth sports, is a Scout Leader, and teaches Sunday School. Jason's favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing with his family.


Sean Rubin

Chief Creative Officer

Sean was born in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Princeton University. Before joining our team, Sean had more than a decade of experience working with design and illustration clients in a variety of industries. At Life Floor, Sean is involved in everything from web-design to product design, art direction, copywriting, and hyphen-usage.  Sean lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he's an Artist-in-Residence at the Haven, a community center. When he's not thinking of new places to stick the Life Floor logo, Sean can be found hiking, visiting museums, or illustrating books.