Life Floor engages my guests, makes it safer, people stay longer, love this.
— Oliva

Life Floor is a tile that’s changing the aquatics industry. Because our surfacing solution doesn’t compromise on all the things you care about. It’s safer, comfortable, durable, and easier to maintain. Your visitors love it and staff have less to worry about. It’s ultimately the only aquatic surface that does all the things it should do. All while being beautiful and offered to you with the best customer experience.


We’re serious. It’s the ONLY aquatic surface that does what it says it will do. And we’ve filmed it in action. It’s slip-resistant, cushioned, and durable. See it in action:

Ramp Test

Egg Drop


Aquatics facilities all over the world are choosing Life Floor to make their pool decks, splash pads, and play structures safer. Check out our installations around the world to discover how our customers are designing with Life Floor: