Design Philosophy

People sometimes ask me what makes our Studio unique. Simply put, the same team that designs our products decides how to use them in customer facilities. And the same team teaches our partners how to use our products, too. We design products that we’re excited to work with.
And we think you’ll be excited to work with them, too.
— Sean Rubin, Chief Creative Officer

Relationship of Design and Function

Life Floor is perfect for creating beautiful, custom surfaces. Our specialty is multi-colored designs, a more complex and visually interesting product that add additional value to the installation. This is especially true when color choice, or die-cut designs, are coordinated with the customer facility. Games, like hopscotch or four-square, can be included in the floor design using die-cuts, increasing play value for the installation as a whole.

Additionally, multi-colored designs lengthen the clean appearance of aquatic environments. On a single colored surface (i.e. pour-in-place), it is easy to see installation imperfections almost immediately. Over time, nicks, scuffs, smudges, and other inevitable damage becomes apparent as well. With multi-colored designs, the eye is distracted from dirt and other cosmetic imperfections because the tiles and design purposely break up the field.


Design Services

Ready to start designing your next project? Choose either path to get started:

Color, Texture, and Thickness

Work with our design team to create flooring as unique as your space, integrating your handpicked choice of colors and more.

Featured Themes

Our Featured Tiles include Ripple 2.0 and Slate. They always ship within three weeks. See our installation portfolio.