Life Floor Cleaners

Our proprietary line of cleaners is developed specifically to work with Life Floor tiles. Each bottle cleans approximately 8,000 square feet of Life Floor when used with a foamer filler. For information on how best to use each of the cleaners, check out our video and cleaning guide.

Order your supply today through our North American Installation Partner, Inside Edge, by calling them at 651.389.3900 or visiting their Safety Surfaces website.

cleaner 1.png

Peroxide Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner removes dirt, grime, and all types of organic matter from tiles.

cleaner 2.png

Degreaser Cleaner

Removes oil and grease stains on tiles obtained via food, feet, and sunscreen.

cleaner 3.png

Mineral Deposit Remover

Effectively removes calcium, rust stains, lime, magnesium, and aluminum oxide.