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Swim Schools


Finally, a solution for swim schools 

Life Floor helps Swim Schools live out their mission to provide a safe, fun environment where children can learn to swim. Life Floor believes that children should be safe both in and around the water, which is why our slip-resistant flooring is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to keep an eye on many children at once. Life Floor's beautiful designs and cushioned density allow swimmers, parents, and instructors alike a beautiful and comfortable surface to walk on. 

RepelCell™ Technology

Foot fungus and bacteria are a constant concern for swimmers, but Life Floor helps keep foot problems under control. Our tiles are made with RepelCell™ Technology, a patented formula that inhibits the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mold. 

Comfort + Durability

People love to walk on Life Floor. And with Life Floor's 5-year warranty, swim school owners have peace of mind knowing that comfort will last.