Splash Pads


An aquatic environment designed for play.


We believe children deserve a surface that's soft, slip-resistant, and especially built for walking and playing barefoot in water. Unlike other play surfaces, Life Floor becomes even more slip-resistant as it gets wet. With traction 30% better than concrete (even when wet), Life Floor keeps kids playing and parents relaxed. Our 3/8" tiles have a minimum fall rating of 1', which can increase to 8' when the tiles are layered. Life Floor is soft enough to bounce an egg, but durable enough to withstand rigorous aquatic environments. To give park directors and maintenance staff confidence, we back this promise with a 5-year warranty. That's why Life Floor is becoming the new, safer standard in aquatic recreation. 


What is Life Floor?

Life Floor is a slip-resistant, impact absorbing surface designed for aquatic environments. As a safer, more comfortable, and more attractive alternative to hard surfaces and coatings, Life Floor comes in a variety of textures and colors to match any theme or design.


Award-winning Safety

Life Floor is internationally recognized as a leader in aquatic recreation safety, being the only surfacing company in history to win the World Waterpark Association's prestigious Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award. With installations in more than 40 states and on five continents, Life Floor serves the leading brands in industries including water parks, municipal aquatic centers and splash pads, cruise ships, fitness centers and more


Design and Theming with Life Floor

Safety never looked this good. When you use Life Floor, you don't have to sacrifice style for safety. With a range of color, texture, and thickness options, our tiles are versatile enough for virtually any aquatic environment.