Stop burning money underwater!


Life Floor makes the best slide pads money can buy, and we do it for about half the cost of the competition. Designed to meet the safety and quality standards of today’s most challenging water park applications, 7/8" slide pad tiles will never absorb water and remain slip-resistant even when submerged. 


Designed to withstand high volumes of barefoot traffic, our slide pads are warrantied for five years. 


Slide pads become more slip-resistant when wet. Watertight RepelCell™ technology inhibits all water and pool chemical absorption.


Modular 2x2' tiles allow for custom sizing, design, and installation. 

UV Stable

Tiles are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight. 



7/8” thick and passes all CPSC-ASTM 1292 tests for impact attenuation to drop heights of 4-0’.


RepelCell™ Technology inhibits growth of harmful mold and mildew.