Introducing our improved Slate texture. Same natural style, now featuring MicroTread™ for even better slip-resistance.


Designed in Minnesota, manufactured in South Dakota, 100% USA.

We're serious about great design. We knew we could make our popular Slate tiles even better with a crisper stone texture and greater traction. 

To do it, we developed an entirely new mold by laser-scanning actual stone. Scanning at greater than 100%, we were able to better preserve the look of real slate. Finally, the best parts of each sample were digitally combined to create the best performing Life Floor Slate texture to date. 

It all comes together on our manufacturing line at Falcon Plastics in Madison, South Dakota. Each tile is carefully created, precision-cut, and then hand-checked to ensure quality and compatibility with every other Life Floor tile. 

Slate Zoom.jpg

The biggest improvement to our Slate texture is something small. Look closely, and you'll notice tiny ridges and grooves, similar to our high performing Ripple tiles. 

MicroTread™ increases the traction of our Slate texture while still allowing the beauty of natural stone to shine through. Even if your eyes don't notice it, your feet certainly will.