Introducing Ripple 2.0, or as we sometimes call it, “Gripple.” While extensive laboratory testing has proven that this is our best-performing Life Floor tile, ever, that’s not the only reason we know that we can trust it. As parents, we know firsthand that Life Floor does what we say it does, because our kids play on it, too.


Innovating the best

For years, Ripple has been our most slip-resisting texture and our best-selling product. All over the world, people trust Life Floor’s Ripple to perform where everything else has failed, and Ripple delivers.

As we completed over a thousand projects, we discovered ways that we could improve our industry-leading texture. Deeper grooves to further reduce hydroplaning. A more tactile surface that looks and feels as slip-resistant as it is. Inspired by our partners in waterparks and splash pads around the world, our designers and engineers collaborated for months to arrive at a set of prototype tiles. These tiles were then field-tested on actual, municipal splash pads throughout Summer 2017.  After completing the season, and passing a battery of expert-designed performance trials, the verdict was unanimous. The result is a product that not only lives up to the reputation of Ripple, but surpasses it in every imaginable way.

Deeper grooves to further reduce hydroplaning.

Tire Graphic 3.jpg

Understanding hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens in wet areas when water accumulates and creates a layer between your feet and the ground, resulting in a loss of traction. A splash pad may be especially prone to hydroplaning due to the volumes of water frequently running over its surface.

Tire Graphic 2.jpg

How does Ripple reduce hydroplaning?

Believe it or not, Ripple has always worked on the same principle as your car’s all-weather tires. Grooves called siping allow water to run away from the surface into channels, insuring that the tire is actually meeting the road, or in our case, that your foot is hitting the floor. Our engineers discovered that, by increasing the depth of Ripple’s grooves by 75%, we could not only increase overall traction, but specifically increase protection against hydroplaning.

Tire Graphic 1.jpg

How has overall traction improved?

At Life Floor, we utilize the British Pendulum Test for surface slip-resistance, which we believe best reproduces real-world conditions in the laboratory testing environment. Recommended British Pendulum Numbers (BPN) for splash pad is over 40. Conventional surfaces, like concrete, have a BPN ranging between 36-42. Ripple Classic has a top BPN of 44, and Ripple 2.0 has a BPN of 58. With a BPN nearly 40% greater than concrete, without being abrasive, Ripple 2.0 is our most slip-resistant texture, ever!


A more tactile surface that looks and feels as slip-resistant as it is.

A gentle deterrent

When encountering a safety surface as comfortable as Life Floor, some guests like to really push the limits of physical activity. As a gentle reminder that safety is everyone’s responsibility, Ripple’s new, improved texture features a more tactile grip, while still maintaining the comfortable, non-abrasive surface you expect from Life Floor.

More dramatic relief

Deeper grooves also mean a more defined texture, and a crisper, more polished look for your aquatic facility.