Customer Reviews

Life Floor is trusted by industry leaders and local communities for safety, durability, and more. Just see what our happy customers have to say: 



"We have been overly pleased with Life Floor. It was the perfect flooring solution for our wet areas." 

Trevor Leonard, Park Director, Six Flags White Water, Marietta, GA


"We have had Life Floor on the pool deck surface in our water park since 2009 without a major injury occurring on our pool deck. It is, by far, the safest and most comfortable pool deck surfacing material that we have ever seen. Due to our safe track record with the floor, our insurance company has reduced our insurance costs by tens of thousands of dollars."  Full Testimonial >>

Metropolis Resort, Eau Claire, WI


"Our community loves Life Floor. Everyone who visits the splash pad says it feels comfortable and looks beautiful. It is the best surfacing we have ever had." 

Westfield Memorial Pool, Westfield, NJ


"We used to use a lot of ice pads, and we don't need to do that anymore."

Maple Grove Community Center, Maple Grove, MN


"We would recommend Life Floor to other potential customers [. . .] It looks good when applied to your themed water park or building, it keeps our guests safe from frequent slips and falls unlike other conventional water park cement floors, it is easy to keep clean and maintain, and our staff enjoys working on it as they stand watch lifeguarding over our guests." Full Testimonial >>

LHR Hospitality Management, MN


"I haven't had to speak to my insurance company since Life Floor was installed." 

Governors Inn, Casselton, ND


"We haven't had any major slip-and-fall injuries since installing Life Floor." 

Oxford Community Center, Saint Paul, MN


"When I was looking to install Life Floor, they walked with me through my entire facility and — in detail — figured out what we needed to do to remove my old floor and replace it with Life Floor. When they were doing the installation, I could be in the other room. I didn't have to worry because I knew they were taking care of the whole process. And they delivered a beautiful finished product."

US Swim Academy, Coral Springs, FL


What the press is saying about Life Floor

We've reinvented aquatic surfacing from the ground up, and word is getting around! 

"Life Floor has raised more than $3 million, won the Minnesota Cup General Division in 2012, and installed its product for 10 of the biggest water park companies." 

Minneapolis Start-up Life Floor To Open New Production Facility >>

Minnesota Business Magazine, February 09, 2015


“As we have gained momentum, many of the people who turned us down have realized we are on to something and started coming back. Youth can be an advantage sometimes in that we are seen as being innovative.”

Not slippery when wet >>

Minnesota Business Magazine, July 20, 2015


'When we looked at the skill of South Dakota’s workers, the decreased environmental impact of no longer having to ship our product across the ocean, and the speed with which consumers can now get Life Floor, it became clear this was the best possible move for us.'"

Life Floor opens manufacturing facility in South Dakota >>

Floor Covering News, July 1, 2015


"'We determined we could actually work together,' Ken Hatlewick, manager of the Falcon Plastics plant in Madison, said. 'We had to open up space for them. We've sampled different things, built prototypes, really just walking through the process with them. They're a great bunch of guys to work with.'"

Madison plant makes unique tile >>

Argus Leader, June 30, 2015

"Production at the facility, housed within Falcon Plastics’ Madison, South Dakota location, will shorten lead times, increase Life Floor’s custom flooring options, fuel the company’s move into the residential flooring market, and create new job opportunities."

Resilient Manufacturer Life Floor Opens U.S. Manufacturing Facility >>

Floor Daily, July 1, 2015


"Life Floor is outfitting a facility in South Dakota with new equipment that churns out its slip-resistant foam and rubber flooring, used in water parks and fitness centers."

Minneapolis business brings manufacturing to U.S. >>

Finance & Commerce, June 30, 2015


The company picked South Dakota for its U.S. manufacturing operations because they needed a partner who could help them get started quickly and provide expertise on how to streamline the manufacturing process. That’s where Falcon Plastics comes into the picture. Falcon has three molding divisions in South Dakota, and they were interested in helping Life Floor establish manufacturing operations for their innovative resilient flooring products.

Life Floor Shifts Manufacturing to Madison, SD Facility >>

Economic Development Blog, July 2, 2015