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Life Floor at Home




Live comfortably.

Consumers no longer have to choose between beautiful and comfortable. At Life Floor we believe that surfacing around decks, patios, showers, and saunas should be beautiful, comfortable, and engineered for safety - even when it’s wet. Life Floor is a soft, slip-resistant surface designed to look like natural materials that can make any deck, kitchen, or basement look great and feel even better. 



Designed for Life

What makes Life Floor the best flooring for indoor and outdoor spaces? We take the time to find the right textures and colors to mimic natural materials and provide a palette which can brighten your home and garden decor without sacrificing functionality.


Softer, more comfortable floors

Life Floor is comfortable to walk on and durable enough to support everything from furniture to active children. Since Life Floor is an insulator, it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use.