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In order to receive project protection, please use the form below to register your project. 

For additional information on how Life Floor handles project protection, please review the project protection policy at the bottom of this page.

What Type of Project is This?

Life Floor's Project Protection Policy

At Life Floor, we strive to help our dealers and distributors see the fruits of their labor, which is why we offer project protection to help ensure that the person who has put in the time to nurture a sale can see it through to its conclusion. We only offer project protection to certified Life Floor dealers. 

In cases where one person registers a project, they will be given project protection. When two or more people register the same project, we will reach out to determine if any party has made an extraordinary effort with regard to the sale. If so, that person will be granted project protection; if all parties have demonstrated about the same effort, no project protection will be granted.

From time to time, we will pass leads to dealers and distributors that we have generated internally. These leads will be passed to the person we feel will be best able to complete the sale; if at any time we feel as though another dealer is better suited to the project, we reserve the right to pass them the lead as well.

In an open bid process where Life Floor has been specified, we will only grant project protection when that specification is the direct result of the sales efforts of a dealer or rep.