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Life Floor: The New Standard in Aquatic Recreation

We believe children deserve a surface that's soft, slip-resistant, and especially built for walking and playing barefoot in water. Unlike other play surfaces, Life Floor becomes even more slip-resistant as it gets wet.  Our 3/8" tiles have a minimum fall rating of 1', which can increase to 8' when the tiles are layered. 

Life Floor is soft enough to bounce an egg, but durable enough to withstand rigorous aquatic environments. To give park directors and maintenance staff confidence, we back this promise with a 5-year warranty. That's why Life Floor is becoming the new, safer standard in aquatic recreation.  


Better Safety. For Everyone.

Playgrounds have long had safety surfacing to protect children. Now Life Floor brings safety surfacing to the aquatic environment. With traction 30% better than concrete (even when wet), Life Floor keeps kids playing and parents relaxed.

A Solution for Parks

Our warranty is based on over a decade of product history, and our tiles have been used on hundreds of applications. Life Floor has held up to the harshest chemicals, the strongest sunlight, and millions of active feet.