We've Brought Manufacturing Home!

Starting July 1, Life Floor will be produced in Madison, South Dakota, in coordination with Falcon Plastics. We're excited to offer a wider array of custom tiles and shorter lead times to our customers, plus decrease our environmental impact and create new jobs here in the US.

Why bring manufacturing back to the US?

Our customers have been requesting more and more custom orders and with very fast turnaround times. This was made especially challenging because the standard lead-time from our overseas factory was usually 3 months. We realized that we needed to shorten that lead-time while maintaining flexibility to create custom orders, which necessitated switching to a Just-In-Time or “lean manufacturing” process.  

While lean manufacturing can be accomplished overseas, Life Floor discovered that most flexible method of providing quick service to our domestic and international partners was to start a lean manufacturing line in the United States and eliminate the time, expense, and environmental impact of making and shipping our product across an ocean.  

Why South Dakota?

We needed a partner that could get up to speed quickly, bring expertise on how to streamline the manufacturing process, and most of all, was truly excited about our product. Madison, SD fit all these requirements and more. Falcon Plastics, the facility that houses our new lines, has been a huge asset as we fine tune operations. 


What is lean manufacturing? 

Lean manufacturing focuses on eliminating wastes and inefficiencies. By manufacturing Life Floor in the US, we eliminate the environmental waste associated with transporting commercial goods over roads, rail, or the oceans. By moving our product from the factory directly to the customer, we eliminate the need for space to store inventory.

Lean manufacturing also eliminates wasted time and money. Customers spend less time waiting for our product, we tie up less money in inventory that could otherwise be used for working capital, and both parties spend less money on transportation and storage costs.