Let's Bring Your Story to Life.

Looking to take your aquatic environment's design to the next level? With Life Floor's customizable die-cuts, you have an unprecedented variety of design options at your disposal. And since these designs are cut tile and not paint, they are long lasting and fade-resistant. Regardless of your theme, the Life Floor Studio will help you create the perfect die-cut designs to suit your waterpark, splash pad, municipal pool, and more!

All options available in all colors and textures

Lilypad Crab.jpg


Platypus Starfish.jpg


Maple Leaf.jpg


Limelight Small Fish.jpg

Small Fish

Iris Seahorse.jpg


Sunshine Small Bubble.jpg

Small Bubble

Turquoise Shell.jpg

Sea Shell

Pomegranate Coyfish.jpg

Koi Fish

Goldfish Large Bubble.jpg

Large Bubble