Seven Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Actually Use

Buying a terrible a Father’s Day gift is easier than falling out of a canoe and hitting water, but it seems like it gets harder every year to find a respectable option, especially if your dad is the type who buys gifts for himself.

Have no fear! If your dad loves the outdoors (no matter what form that takes), we have you covered with seven gifts dad will love, but might not think to buy for himself.

via ourohio.org

via ourohio.org

Grill Thermometer

Grilling meat to exactly the right doneness can be a challenge, especially when using unfamiliar equipment or when preparing a dish for the first time. However, one thing that never changes is that internal temperature = doneness. No matter how good the outside looks, a steak with an internal temperature of 180 is never going to pass for medium rare.

The team at Amazing Ribs has a wide variety of options, but it’s hard to top the ThermoWorks ThermoPop, which clocks in at just $30 and will produce an accurate reading in just six seconds. Now dad will know when to pull the meat and when to let it go just a hair longer for perfect flavor and doneness.

via leatherman.com

via leatherman.com

Leatherman Sidekick

Depending on the complexity, multitools can cost hundreds of dollars without adding all that much additional value, but the right tool for one person may not be quite right for another, which is why there is such a wide variety of options.

The Leatherman Sidekick is a versatile tool and great to have on hand whether you’re working in the yard, backpacking, or out at a picnic. And it’s one of the more affordable full-size models, making it an ideal gift for virtually any dad.

via amazon.com

via amazon.com

Petzel Tikka

Headlamps are a favorite tool among hikers, backpackers, and anyone who chooses to run or bike at night. They leave your hands available to hold other tools or, if necessary, fight off a bear. More often than not, if you need a flashlight you probably need other tools as well, which is why a headlamp is a must-have gadget for anyone who might otherwise use a flashlight.

Petzel makes some of the most durable headlamps on the market and the Tikka is one of their flagship products. For most uses, 80 lumens is plenty of light, but they do offer brighter lamps as well if your dad is into, say, cave diving.

via novica.com

via novica.com

Hang Ten Forest Single Parachute Hammock

Lightweight enough to bring backpacking, yet strong enough to hold over 300 lbs, the Parachute Hammock is a colorful accessory that’s equally usable in the wilds miles away from civilization or a suburban back yard.

These particular hammocks help support a program called NOVICA that works with local artisans to help them get a fair price for their goods on the global market. So, dad can rest easy in this nearly 10ft long hammock knowing that the producer in Indonesia that made it is building a sustainable business.


For the outdoor dad that has every gadget and gizmo known to man, here is an axe unlike any other! The LeverAxe is lightweight, weighing less than six pounds, yet tears through wood easily thanks to its unique design.

If your dad has a lot of property to clear or simply likes cutting his own wood for bonfires, he will love the speed with which he can get larger logs down to a more manageable size. Far quieter and cheaper than a hydraulic log splitter, this is the axe dad wants, even if he didn’t know he wanted a new axe.

CamelBak Rim Runner 22

Dehydration is simply miserable. Whether you’re spending the day bouncing around the backcountry or running from ride to ride at the local amusement park, nothing stops the fun faster than a kid -- or parent for that matter -- overheating and having to take a break.

The Rim Runner comes with a deep, 100 oz reservoir that will hold plenty of water for most family outings, plus a huge 1220 cubic inch storage compartment, perfect for a change of clothes, towels, snacks, or whatever else the family can’t leave home without. As far as daypacks go, this one will be the envy of all the other dads!

via getpebble.com

via getpebble.com

Pebble Time

The Apple Watch draws most of the headlines, but it's not the only smartwatch on the market. Preorders for Pebble Time begin June 22, but at $100 less than the cheapest Apple Watch, it’s worth the wait. It’s a pretty good option whether dad wants an easy way to keep track of his runs, get weather information from his wrist, or even just tell the time.

If you just can’t wait for the Time to ship later this summer, the original Pebble watch was a big hit and boasted many of the same core functions as the updated version. It’s one of the cheapest smartwatches available, but doesn’t skimp on features, which makes it a great entry point into the smartwatch craze. By the time dad wears it out, the next generation of Apple watches will be ready to go and dad can spring for his own upgrade.