5 New Waterpark Attractions to See this Summer

There’s nothing quite like hearing about new waterpark features, attractions, and innovations. There’s something magical about the high-speed launch into the new and exciting, spinning meaningful experiences that astonish guests, while still grounding itself in best safety practices and the legacy of the park. To celebrate the spirit of innovation, we’re taking a look at five new waterpark attractions opening in 2017 (in no particular order.. check them all out!).

Photo © 2017 Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

1Cedar Point

Sandusky Guests are spoiled for choice this summer as Cedar Point revamped their Soak City into the newly transformed 18-acre Cedar Point Shores Water Park. So named to celebrate their place on Lake Erie (we support this and most lake-theming endeavours). Not only are they rolling out new body and tube waterslides, they’re also including new family splash grounds, a revamp to their fan favorite rides, and new accommodations for overnight guests.

Photography © Kalahari Resorts LLC


Guests visiting the Sandusky, Ohio location are going to get their socks knocked off (Just as well, otherwise they’d get wet. - Ed.) five consecutive times with the roll-out of new waterslides coming to the outdoor portion of the park. Each slide offers its own twist, including near-vertical drops, weightless hang time, high banks, and 360 degree looping tunnels, which sound like a great way to add some summer flair to their already impressive indoor/outdoor selections.

Photography © 2017 Universal Studios

3. Volcano Bay

Perhaps one of the most anticipated projects for 2017, Universal will be rolling out their new state-of-the-art park. Opening May 25th, this park will have areas themed after various Polynesian islands and cultures as well as having a central signatural volcano that will feature, among other things, the Ko’okiri Slide, “the world’s first slide to travel through a pool filled with guests.” [x] Almost as exciting is the Tapu Tapu wristband which “promises to eliminate lines” by creating a “virtual queueing system” [x].

Photography © 2017 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

4. SeaWorld

IAAPA did a beautiful article about what SeaWorld has been up to in the last two years, but one of their big pushes for 2017 is creating a new breadth of experience by adding inventive rides. The company has rolled out one of the most extensive capital investment line-ups in its history. The San Antonio location has constructed the Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster, which is the first ride of its kind in North America. The ride aims to replicate the experience of animals being rescued [x], with the closely replicated cars mimicking the reality of jet-skiing over the waves.

Photography © Disney

5. Disney 

Typhoon Lagoon rolled out its first new ride in over a decade with Miss Adventure Falls. This fun, thematic, family raft ride is one of the longest flume rides in Orlando (with a delightful 2 minute ride time), with a unique-for-the-genre on-ride lift hill- so no carrying tubes up a stair tower, or waiting for tubes to be shuffled back up to the top of the tower. The ride opened March 12th as a great addition to the park’s offerings.

What new attraction are you looking forward to?