Recommended Adhesive for Life Floor

The recommended adhesive for Life Floor installations is a commercial grade contact adhesive. There are a few brands which we commonly use and know work very well:

WF Taylor Touchdown 1N

Parabond 250

Powerhold 500

For budgeting purposes, please plan for $25/gallon with 65 square feet per gallon coverage. If there is not a local source for the adhesive, then you may want to have the adhesive delivered directly to the job site. Since the adhesive is considered a hazardous material, there are some additional costs to having it shipped, however this will be the most convenient option; for projects larger than 2,000 square feet, this may be the best option even if a local source is available.

Here is the contact information for a supplier that can ship the adhesive.

Mark Trick 
Southland Flooring Supplies
Indianapolis, IN  
Office: 317.541.3333  

For small projects, there is the option of sourcing the adhesive from a large retailer like The Home Depot or Lowes. This adhesive is called DAP Weldwood Contact Adhesive ORIGINAL formula. Be sure to purchase the ORIGINAL formula as the other formulas do not perform as well. The reason this adhesive is used for small projects is that it is not as economical for larger projects and it does not perform as well as a commercial grade adhesive.

This adhesive can bond very well with concrete, wood, plastic, steal, and many other surfaces, but if you have questions about whether the adhesive will bond well to your substrate, please contact a Certified Life Floor Installer to have them properly inspect the substrate. This will help reduce the chance of having unexpected costs due to added substrate preparation.